L70 hunter full epiq wants to join

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L70 hunter full epiq wants to join

Post by Zzippiee on Sat Aug 09, 2008 10:44 pm

Name :
Gender :
Age :
Nationality :

Char Name :
Class :
Level :L70 ,full epiq/4/5 veng pvp . some kara and gruul epiqs,2 tier items,2400 ap unbuffedap
Armory Link :
Previous Experience :dutch gaming clan.alter ego ,old grudge ,execution

Heroic Keys :kara,coilfang,tempest keep,some 6 more

Your ambitions in the game : pvp .arena,getting do high level instances ,did karazhan,gruul ,maggy al downed
Have you played with anyone from the Guild : sylvatica
Where have you heard of us :shatrath area :}
Why do you want to join Nightshade :want to be in one off the best guilds ever lived in wow :}
Why did you leave your previous guild :was kicked,dont know the reason,but was not important guild
Do you know anyone in the guild :

A little something about yourself as a person :im more as a private person... ;}


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Re: L70 hunter full epiq wants to join

Post by Nimen on Wed Aug 13, 2008 10:49 am

Ty for ur application, privacy is ofc a human right for u^^
but for the rules in this guild we need to know ur age, by the previous guild u was in . Dutch Gaming, i presume u are Dutch. ifwe could get an ansewer to that. u got my acception to the guild

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